Expert Camera Repair & Digital Sensor Cleaning

Save both time and money by bringing your broken camera to Albuquerque Photo-Technologies Inc. From camera repair to digital sensor cleaning, we offer a wide variety of maintenance services for photographers throughout Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rush repairs are always available for professionals.

We maintain a large stock of current parts for all makes and models of cameras, as well as an inventory of parts for older cameras that are no longer in service. Our shop also sells new and used equipment for your convenience.

Camera Repair

Our Repair & Modification Specialties

• Repairs on All Nikon Amateur & Professional Digital Cameras, Most Lenses, & Flashes
• SLR Cameras, Lenses, & Flashes—Including Canon, Sony, Pentax, & Olympus Equipment
• Rangefinder Digital Cameras—Including Canon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, & Kodak Equipment
• 35 mm Film Cameras & Lenses—Including Most Makes & Models Depending on Parts Availability
• Studio Lighting Repair—Warranty & Non-Warranty Repair on Norman, Speedotron, Novatron, DynaLite, & Photogenic Power Packs & Heads
• Special Use Design—Redesigning Equipment for Special Use in Law Enforcement, Aerospace, Medical, & Other Types of Specific Uses

Binocular Repair

Most Makes & Models Depending on Parts Availability

Data Recovery Services

Our experts provide disk analysis and recovery on all types of removable media. Rates begin at $50 ($20 per DVD).

Digital Sensor Cleaning
We clean sensors on all digital cameras. Our sensor cleaning includes a complete exterior cleaning of the camera and up to three lens exteriors.

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